Kim Tae-woo, president of Korea, mentioned my case...I'm afraid we'll investigate fairly."

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The prosecution reportedly questioned Kim on whether he actually inspected the private affairs of civilians or public officials who were not subject to inspection while serving as a special inspector of the presidential office, and what reason he claimed that the senior presidential secretary 토토사이트

for civil affairs and chief of staff were involved in the process.

Kim, who returned to the prosecution after working at the presidential office`s special inspector division, claimed that he inspected the son of a former prime minister or the head of a private bank when he was a member of the special inspector group, and that he was ordered by special inspector general, anti-corruption secretary, and senior presidential secretary for civil affairs.

In addition, Kim has raised suspicions on irregularities in the special inspector group, claiming that Cheong Wa Dae ignored the secret intelligence of senior ruling party officials.

In response, the Liberty Korea Party has filed a complaint with the prosecution against former presidential chief of staff Lim Jong-seok, senior presidential secretary for civil affairs Cho Kuk, presidential secretary for anti-corruption Park Hyeong-cheol and former special inspector Lee In-geol, and urged the prosecution to thoroughly investigate the case.

Meanwhile, just before the investigation, Kim filed a complaint against Park Hyung-chul, presidential secretary for anti-corruption, accusing Lee In-geol of abusing his authority and duty.

Kim claimed that Park, who checked the inspection information he posted while working at Cheong Wa Dae, had leaked the information after learning that the suspect in the spy case was his high school alumni.
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