The movie 'Jewel' Jung Woo-sung "Use Oxygen Breathing to Shoot"

โดย: queen [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-01-11 01:30:15
Witnesses, a movie about a murder suspect's lawyer meeting the only witness in the case, is coming to the audience next month.

Actor Jung Woo-sung played the role of a lawyer and used oxygen respirators at the scene.

I'll hear what's going on in person.

[Jeong Woo-sung / Proofing Lawyer Sun-ho: Actually, I read the scenario and had a meeting with the director, but I shouldn't say I'll do this right away. I have to do a secret party. But I met him with great determination. I hope you do well on purpose. I'd love to hear from the director if she told him that we'll do it together next time. And....]

[Jeong Woo-sung / Attorney for the Witness: (on the court set) A lot of people are working on안전놀이터

it, and the lights are so high that they keep getting this dazed. We don't have much time to ventilate, so we're running out of oxygen. So I heard that if you give me oxygen cans, I'll feel better. I kept waiting for them. Thanks to you, I finished the filming well