[Seo Hyung-wook] '134 years history' British Berry FC, is it the last day?

โดย: mario [IP: 115.144.218.xxx]
เมื่อ: 2019-08-23 08:27:49
The reason is money too. In extreme financial difficulties, Berry FC has been unable to pay all its players, managers and other employees for months. The Football League Secretariat, which oversees League One, decided in July to cut 12 points for the new season for Berry FC. However, no improvement has been made since then, and Barry FC greeted today with the opening of the opening without being able to play just one match after the opening of the season. All six of the first league games that were originally expected were forfeited and the Carabao Cup, which was held in the meantime, was eliminated. The seventh round match against Tranmere Rovers, which will be held this weekend, has already been canceled. The Football League Secretariat said it would remove Berry FC from the league if it failed to resolve its financial problems by 5 pm local time today. It's possible to start the amateur league again next season, but it's still opaque at the moment, so it's a terrible nightmare for fans.